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Location: Mixed Martial Arts Academy, 20, Jalan CJ 1/1, Kawasan Perindustrian Cheras Jaya, 43300 Selangor

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Char QChar Q
14:59 01 Apr 23
As my son had been learning martial arts himself via online channels which I felt was dangerous, sent him to Fight Dynasty with intention that he could learn MMA the right way and most importantly, safely. Signed up my son right after the first trial class. The instructors’ professionalism really kept him going till now… he learned how to practice MMA with safety as priority and ethics as well. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Ho JihnHo Jihn
07:51 22 Dec 22
Been training at this MMA gym for around 2 months, and I have to say that it's one of the best MMA gym around this area. The coaches are knowledgeable and helpful, and I always feel like I get a great lesson when I'm there.What really makes this gym special is the community. Everyone is so friendly and supportive, and it's always a joy to train with other people who are passionate about MMA.Overall, I couldn't be happier with my experience at this MMA gym. The staff and instructors are fantastic and the community is supportive and welcoming. I would highly recommend this gym to anyone looking for a great place to train.
Shankar RajentharanShankar Rajentharan
10:00 21 Dec 22
My experience with FIGHT DYNASTY MMA Academy is really heartwarming! The members are really welcoming and it's a great place to meet new friends! It's a great place for fitness enthusiast, aspiring fighters or even for those wishing to equip themselves with self defense knowledge! The gym is highly equipped, with boxing gloves, pads and so on, just come and see it for yourself, not to mention they provide trial classes! The Academy main coach is Coach Ming! He is really friendly, supportive and always pushes me to be the best I can be and he'll answer your questions no matter how ridiculous it is haha. I highly recommend this Academy to anyone regardless of background. Also there is classes everyday from Monday to Friday!
Ayu Azami (Goshimayu)Ayu Azami (Goshimayu)
01:17 06 Dec 22
So far, i learn from this class from zero. Doesn’t have any basic at all. But the coach & members are all very helpful, and patiently teach me.At first, i try this centre just for fun, but after awhile, i think it’s good for release tension as you get to punch real people 😋 got to learn so many techniques & skills. But still need to practice at home if not, you might forget about it.I personally advise to let many women come to this kind of class for self-defense. So far, there’s lots of guys but, i don’t mind. We come to learn, not to flirt.It’s just that i wish that the centre can bring in more members (especially women) and have more option classes on weekends (at night).
Grace shiedaGrace shieda
10:22 05 Dec 22
Such an amazing place to train and workouts!!!.Other fellow members are inspiring. Joined the Muay Thay class led by trainers who give hands on instant feedback and adjustments during the training and just the right amount of encouragement. Highly recommended to all!!!