Academy Policies

Welcome to Fightdynasty MMA! We’re excited that you are part of the family. Here are a few friendly tips for academy etiquette – we ask that you observe and follow them, and your contribution to supporting a friendly, safe, and clean environment will be more appreciated!

General Houses Rules:

  • No shoes,food, gum or drink on the mat
  • Respect everyone’s space and store your gear and bag in the appropriate areas
  • Train hard but train smart. Training is not competition. 
  • Always keep a positive attitude and have fun!
  • Never Give up. 

Code of Conduct:

  • Wash your active war after every class.
  • Keep your fingernails and toenails neatly trimmed.
  • If you have long hair, make sure it’s tied up.
  • Put equipment back where it belongs.
  • All metal objects, jewelry, piercing, necklaces, or other such items should be removed before training.
  • Please keep the air fresh around you – avoid perfumes, colognes, or heavy scents.
  • If you are sick, please stay home and rest. If you are coughing and sneezing in a class, you are leaving a trail of germs that might infect your fellow students, Training can wait until you’re healthy.
  • If you have any type of skin infection(staph, ringworm,etc) you will not be allowed to train until it is cleared up. These bacterial and fungal infections are highly contagious and can quickly spread throughout the entire class. If you suspect you may have an infectious skin condition or are not sure, ask the coach.
  • Please leave training gear clean and organized. We’ve provided sanitizing stations and cleaning wipes throughout the academy;make use of them to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria from one piece of gear to another. If you can’t find them or see our supply is running low, let us know so we can help!

Safety is our priority

  • Strikers, don’t let anger or emotions drive your sparring. Sparring is to help elevate the skills learned in class, not an opportunity for one to bully someone less experienced. Always communicate the level of sparring you would like to practice and protect yourself at all times.
  • Grapplers,always respect the tap: release whatever hold you have immediately and disentangle yourself as quickly as is safe whenever you feel your partner tap.Always try to tap your partner’s body directly, or otherwise tap or say ”tap”loudly and clearly. Remember to tap early and often to avoid injury.

Be a good training partner

Martial arts are team sports either in competition or gym. We’re all here to learn, help and build off each other – that’s what helps us improve and maintain a competitive advantage.

  • Leave your ego at the door – we’re all here to learn.
  • Show up on time.
  • Be patient and disciplined. Everyone starts as zero